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Browse Data

The BIS contains several BIS products and numerous additional GIS data that will support your analysis. You can see all available data by selecting the option Layers in the menu on top of the page. These are listed as a catalogue and can be displayed in an interactive GIS viewer. Further information and Metadata descriptions are available for each data set in the layer catalogue.

Create User Account

Full usage of the BIS is granted for registered users. Without a registration only limited information can be made available at the BIS.
Register for a free user account to analyse your areas of interest, to upload and to store your own files and created BIS reports. See information why and how to register in the manual .

Create AOI

The full potential of the BIS will come through interactive spatial data assessments over your targeted Areas of Interest (AOI). An AOI is defined and created by you, for example your farm or a certain part of it, and uploaded to the BIS as a vector layer. How to create and upload those AOIs is explained in the manual .

Download user manuals

Full information is documented in the BIS user manual, which is available to download


The My BIS tab contains the functions to perform spatial analyses of BIS products based on a user defined AOI. The analysis generates downloadable reports and information packages.

  • My AOIs links to the AOIs created by the user
  • My Reports links to the reports and documents created by the user
  • My Maps links to maps created by the user


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About the BIS

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